Skin O2 Vitamin B Probiotic Serum – 30ml

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Probiotic serum with vitamin B ( Nicotinamide), beta glucan & hyaluronic acid to help Calm & rebalance the skin’s ecosystem. Good for dry, sensitive or inflamed skin. Our Vitamin B Probiotic Serum booster helps to soothe & balance the skin to be more resilient to environmental or external aggressors.

  • Calms redness & irritation
  • Soothes & hydrates skin
  • Helps to balance PH of the skin
  • Helps to restore the natural bacteria ecosystem
  • Protects skin from environmental or external aggressors
  • Promotes healthy microbiome

Benefit from Skin O2’s probiotic serum with vitamin B (Nicotinamide) When our skin’s ecosystem becomes out of balance or damaged, it can lead to our skin feeling dry, sensitive or inflamed. Adding a probiotic serum booster to your skincare routine can work to help bring the ecosystem of our skin back to a normal state, resulting in balanced and healthy-looking skin that will be better placed to protect itself from environmental or external aggressors that can lead to inflammation.


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