Artist Choice Nitrile Gloves Black Powder Free 100pk

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When it comes to ensuring the utmost safety and hygiene in a professional setting, nothing serves better than the Artist Choice Nitrile Black Gloves

This pack of 100 powder-free gloves is a quintessential addition to any professional workspace, be it in the healthcare sector, the beauty industry, or in laboratories. Meticulously designed to meet the rigorous demands of professionals, these gloves are not just a protective barrier but a testament to unparalleled quality and reliability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Material Excellence: Made from superior quality nitrile, these gloves offer robust protection against a variety of chemicals, punctures, and abrasions. Nitrile is known for its excellent resistance to oils and acids, making these gloves an ideal choice for professionals dealing with such substances.
  • Powder-Free Comfort: The powder-free design is crucial for reducing the risk of contamination and allergic reactions. It ensures comfort and safety for users with sensitive skin, and is perfect for tasks that require precision without the mess of powder.
  • Superior Fit and Flexibility: These gloves are meticulously crafted to provide a snug fit, offering flexibility and dexterity. This is essential for professionals who require precision in their work, such as artists, beauticians, or lab technicians.
  • Enhanced Grip: The textured surface of the gloves provides an enhanced grip, crucial in handling delicate instruments or slippery materials. This feature ensures safety and efficiency in fast-paced professional environments.
  • Durability and Reliability: Each glove is rigorously tested to ensure durability. This means they are less likely to tear or puncture, providing reliable protection throughout their use.
  • Aesthetic and Professional Appearance: The sleek black colour not only looks professional but also helps in masking stains, maintaining an aesthetic appearance during use.

How to Use:

  1. Select the correct size for your hands.
  2. Ensure your hands are clean and dry before wearing the gloves.
  3. Insert your hand into the glove, gently pulling at the cuff to ensure a snug fit.
  4. Smooth out any air pockets for a comfortable fit.
  5. After use, carefully remove the gloves to avoid contamination, and dispose of them responsibly.


  1. Are these gloves suitable for people with latex allergies? Yes, these nitrile gloves are latex-free, making them safe for individuals with latex allergies.
  2. Can these gloves be reused? For hygiene and safety, it is recommended to use these gloves once and dispose of them properly.
  3. Are they suitable for handling food? Yes, these gloves are safe for food handling, making them versatile for various professional uses.
  4. What sizes are available? These gloves are available in multiple sizes to fit different hand sizes comfortably.
  5. How should these gloves be stored? Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their quality.
  6. Can these gloves be used for medical purposes? While they offer robust protection, it’s advisable to check specific medical-grade requirements as per your local regulations.

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