*Farmavita Life Color Plus 100ml

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The Life Colour Plus 100ml range uses new Excelsa HP technology to achieve vibrant, long-lasting colour while simultaneously moisturising and protecting the hair. 


Life Colour Plus comes in a variety of rich shades and can be used to create beautiful permanent or semi-permanent hair colours.

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9.7 Vlt Sandy Blnd, 7.77, 12.1 Special Ash Bln, Red Booster, Orange Booster, Violet Booster, 8.0 Light Blonde, 10.0 Platinum Blonde, 4.00 Intense Brown, 4.03 Warm Brown, 5.03 Warm Lt Brwn, 6.03 Warm Dark Blond, 7.03 Warm Blonde, 8.03 Warm Light Blnd, 5.07 Light Cool Brwn, 6.07 Dark Cool Blond, 7.07 Cool Blonde, 8.07 Light Cool Blnd, 9.07 V Lt Cool Blnd, 4.1 Ash Brown, 5.1 Light Ash Brown, 8.1 Light Ash Blonde, 4.3 Golden Brown, 5.3 Lt Goldn Brwn, 6.3 Dk Gold Blond, 7.3 Golden Blonde, 8.3 Lt Gold Blnd, 9.3 V Lt Gld Blnd, 7.33 Intense Gld Bln, 8.33 Lt Intse Gld Bl, 9.33 V Lt Int Gld Bl, 6.34 Dk Gld Cpr Bln, 8.34 Lt Gold Cpr Bln, 5.31 Lt Gld Ash Brwn, 6.31 Dk Gold Ash Bln, 7.31 Golden Ash Blnd, 7.32 Goldn Iris Blnd, 4.35 Chocolate Brown, 5.35 Lt Choc Brown, 6.35 Dark Choc Blnd, 4.52 Choc Mahg Brwn, 5.52 Lt Choc Mhg Brw, 6.52 Lt Choc Mhg Brn, 6.13 Dk Beige Blond, 7.13 Beige Blonde, 8.13 Light Beige Bln, 4.12 Ash Irisee Brwn, 5.12 Lt Ash Iris Brw, 6.15 Dk Ash Mhg Blnd, 4.5 Mahogony Brown, 5.5 Lt Mahog Brwn, 6.5 Dk Mahog Blnd, 4.4 Copper Brown, 5.4 Lt Copper Brwn, 6.4 Dark Copper Blnd, 7.4 Copper Blonde, 8.4 Lt Cpr Blnd, 7.44 Intense Cpr Bln, 5.43 Lt Cpr Gld Brw, 6.43 Dk Cppr Gold Bl, 7.43 Dk Cpr Gld Blnd, 6.45 Dk Cpr Mhg Blnd, 7.45 Cpr Mahog Blnd, 8.45 Lt Cpr Mhg Blnd, 6.46 Dk Cpr Red Blnd, 7.46 Copper Red Blnd, 5.62 Lt Red Viol Brw, 6.62 Dk Red Viol Bln, 7.62 Red Violet Blnd, 5.64 Lt Red Copp Brw, 6.64 Dk Red Cpr Blnd, 7.64 Dk Red Cpr Bln, 6.66 Dk Intns Red Bl, 7.66 Intense Red Bln, 8.66 Lt Intns Red Bl, 4.20 Irisee Brown, 5.20 Lt Irisee Brwn, 6.26 Dk Iris Red Bln, 9.22 V Lt Iris Rs Bl, 900 Ex/Lt Bl S/Lt, 901 Lt Ash Bl S/Lt, 902 Plat Bl S/Lt, 903 Ex/Lt Gld Bld S/, 911 Silver Wisteria, 10.00 Neutral, 12.16 Blnd Ash Viol, 12.81 Blnd Pearl Ash, 12.61 Blnd Viol Ash, 12.89 Blnd Pearl Cnd, 4.77 Med Brwn Int, 5.77 Light Brw Int, 6.77 Dk Blnd Brwn, 5.7 Lt Brwn Brwn, 6.7 Dk Blnd Brwn, 7.7 Blnd Med Brwn, 8.7 Lght Blnd Brwn


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