Breeze PLUS 6 Drawer Hairdressing Beauty Trolley

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Introducing the NEW Breeze Plus Hairdressing/Beauty Salon Trolley, a sophisticated and practical solution designed to streamline your salon workflow. This versatile trolley combines functionality with a sleek design to meet the diverse needs of salon professionals. Here are the key features that make the Breeze Trolley an essential addition to your salon…

Product Holder:The Breeze Plus Trolley is equipped with a dedicated product holder, ensuring that your essential hairdressing and beauty products are organised and easily accessible. Keep your styling tools within arm's reach for a seamless and efficient styling experience.

7 Tier / 6 Drawers:Experience unparalleled storage capacity with the seven-tier structure and six drawers of the Breeze Plus Trolley. This generous storage space allows you to neatly organise a wide range of tools, accessories, and products, ensuring that everything has its place for quick and efficient access.

Collapsible Side Shelves: Elevate your salon's functionality with collapsible side shelves. These innovative shelves feature dryer holders, various tool holders & bowl placement spaces, whilst expanding your workspace when needed and can be effortlessly collapsed to save space when not in use. Customize your workstation based on the demands of each styling session. 

Dryer Holders:Stay organised and efficient during styling sessions with the specialised dryer holders. These holders securely store hairdryers, ensuring they are readily available when needed. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-organised workstation.

Tint Bowl Holders:The Breeze Plus Trolley is thoughtfully designed with dedicated holders for tint bowls. This feature provides stability and convenience during hair colouring processes, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional salon services.

Flat Top:Enjoy the convenience of a flat top surface that serves as an additional workspace. Whether you need a spot to place tools, products, or perform specific tasks, the flat top of the Breeze Plus Trolley enhances versatility in your salon environment.

Easy Rolling Wheels:Mobility is key in a busy salon, and the Breeze Plus Trolley delivers with easy-rolling wheels. Effortlessly move the trolley around your salon, adapting to the dynamic needs of your workflow. The wheels ensure that your tools are always within reach, saving you time and effort.

Upgrade your salon experience with the Breeze Plus Hairdressing/Beauty Salon Trolley – a fusion of style and functionality designed to elevate your professional space. Invest in a tool that enhances organization, efficiency, and overall aesthetics, making every styling session a Breeze.


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